With the cutoff time on 31st may 23:59 (gmt+8), holders with their wallet matching one of the following criteria will receive the corresponding reward (the best reward will be chosen if more than one criteria is matched):
  • Legendary NOMORE holder: 0.1E
  • Holder of five or more NOMORE: 0.15E
  • Holder of four NOMORE: 0.1E
  • Holder of three NOMORE: 0.05E
  • Holder of two NOMORE: 0.03E
Condition: only the unlisted (not for sale) NOMORE will be counted with the maximum reward per holder 0.15E. Qualified holders will be asked to fill in the information through our webpage. After database verification, the reward will be directly transferred to their wallet addresses.
In addition to ETH, a NOMORE-tee will be shipped to holders who have been holding at least one NOMORE for more than 6 weeks. Cutoff day 17th june 23:59 (gmt+8).
There will also be some mysterious products for holders to be announced later.
To reward supporters of the phase 1 pre-sale, nmc team decided to airdrop a NOMOREFEETPASS to holders.
NOMOREFEETPASS will be effective after the staking system is built. With the pass you will obtain a fair amount of $feet directly or you can use it as a multiplying tool in the staking system for a limited number of times.
The original NOMOREMALL only lists digital artworks and NOMORE products (T-shirts, mugs, socks, dolls, posters, etc.) that can be bought with cash or $feet. To benefit some of our holders who are also nft investors, we will also include nft-oriented items such as blue-chip nfts, blind boxes and whitelists. There will also be some big brand crossover fashionable merchandise.
A share of the royalty (50%) in 2022. The royalty will be calculated at 23:59 on december 31, 2022.
  • NOMORECLUB is a create-to-earn platform that encourages members to turn creativity into profit. Digital work including illustration, videos, 3d models and songs etc. are all welcome in NOMORECLUB. Members will be invited to submit their work to the club and voting will be held regularly. Creators with work being voted the most will be commercialized and they will receive monetary rewards!
  • NOMORECLUB is also a marketplace for creators. not only do the most voted creators earn money here, every creative holder can sell his / her artwork at NOMOREMARKET, which will be launched after 5000 nfts are sold out. With our smart contract, you will earn not only a one-off income from selling your work to the club, but also a profit sharing based on sales. So there will be long term passive income!
  • We welcome all members to re-imagine NOMORE and do derivative creations. The most voted derivative NOMORE will be minted to NOMORECLUB next phase’s nft collections (e.g. NOMORETWO) with the creators sharing profit and gaining royalties!
  • NOMORE premium merchandise (tee, mugs, socks, dolls, posters etc.) will be listed for sale on NOMOREMALL. The selling price will be different based on 3 tiers of membership (legendary holders, holders, and public). Limited editions from collabs with holders and celebs will also be available for sale (holders first). You don’t want to miss it!
  • Besides branded merchandise, upcoming blue-chip nfts, blind boxes and whitelist spots will be listed periodically for holders.
  • NOMORECLUB is a decentralized autonomous organization. Every holder has the power to vote on important decisions related to the project’s expansion:
    • Choices of NOMORE merchandise
    • Artists to be collaborated with to create limited NOMORE merchandise
    • Project directions and future plans
  • Holders will have more voting rights to honor their support. Exclusive private events will be hosted in major cities around the world for holders and active community members. Get ready for a lot of fun, networking, and unique experiences!
  • NOMORECLUB nfts are minted by phases. After all 5000 nfts are sold out, NOMORECOiN (tentative name: feet coin) will be issued in the future to major crypto exchanges and will be airdropped to holders and outstanding members. Our vision is to make NOMORECOiN the token for creativity. NOMORECOiN will be the currency used in nomoreclub for artworks and merchandise, member rewards, and all sorts of real-life utilities like fashionable items, nomoreclub branded merchandise and stock photos, music and videos.